⭐How To Stake In Pools

Follow the steps below to stake your ABOND:

1) Connect your wallet to ApeBond (for instructions, visit the How to Connect Your Wallet page).

2) Click Earn in the nav bar

3) Select the staking option you’d like to use and click on it.

In this example, we’ll use the ABOND - veABOND Staking Pool.

4) Click "Deposit".

5) Enter the amount of tokens you would like to stake. You can also use the Max button to fill the stake amount input with the balance of the selected deposit token in the connected wallet.

If this is your first time using a particular Staking Pool, you will have to enable the pool first.

6) Click "Confirm"

7) Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Done! You are now staking ABOND tokens and earning veABOND tokens.

Harvesting Rewards

You can use the Harvest button on any Staking Pools you're using to withdraw your tokens at any time.

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