Governance Proposal Types

Eligible Contributor Proposal Types

These types of decisions are exclusively eligible for ApeBond core contributors to put to a vote:

  • Fundamental tokenomic decisions

  • ABOND incentive allocations

  • Cross-chain decisions

  • Amendments to the ApeBond Constitution

  • Mergers and acquisitions

Eligible Community & Contributor Proposal Types

These types of decisions are eligible for anyone with sufficient ABOND to put to a vote:

  • New (well-known) farms or tokens to list

  • Partnership proposals

  • Feature implementations

  • Altruistic initiatives & campaigns

  • Influencer or marketing collaboration decisions

For added clarity to the above, the following categories are ineligible to vote at a Community Proposal level. The results of proposals that fall into these categories will not be honored, managed through a ApeBond DAO approved vote:

  • Proposals involving DAO legal entity structure

  • Proposals changing the ownership of intellectual property belonging to the ApeBond DAO

  • Changes to usage of treasury and other DAO assets

  • Tokenomic decisions (e.g., emission reductions)

  • Nonsensical or non-actionable proposals

Proposal Structure

Each governance proposal posted in the Proposal Review topic should adhere to the following structure:

Context/Background: All relevant information needed to understand the proposal.

Summary: A summary of the proposed change as a result of a successful proposal.

Motivation: The reasoning behind the proposal, including the consequences of proposed changes.

Options: A short description of every governance option (if applicable).

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