As of 12/12/2023
  • Migration (39.1%): Needed for the Migration. Matches the amount of BANANA locked one to one.
  • Ecosystem Fund (15%): A replacement for our current MasterApe, meant for allocating ABOND towards the growth of the protocol (e.g., Bonds).
  • Multiplier Buffer (14.9%): The amount needed to ensure everyone can migrate without being diluted.
  • Fundraise (10%): An allocation for fundraising.
  • Treasury (10%): For recurring marketing and operations expenses.
  • Team (5%): Allocated for the development of ApeBond. Has a 3-year linear vesting.
  • Bonus Bucket (5%): Additional rewards for those who choose to lock their BANANA for a longer period during the migration process.
  • Initial Liquidity (1%): Needed to provide Liquidity Pools for the newly migrated token.