Liquidity Bonds

How Liquidity Bonds Work

Liquidity Bonds offer users the opportunity to sell their liquidity provider (LP) tokens in exchange for an NFT that represents access to other tokens at a discount relative to the current market price. These tokens vest over a certain amount of time, becoming available to the holder of the Liquidity Bond NFT incrementally.
Behind the scenes, a bonding curve combines with supply and demand to determine the initial price point for the Bonds. The discount amount varies based on a combination of market forces.
For more on how the discount amount is determined, visit the Bond Pricing page.

Buying Liquidity Bonds

To buy a Bond, a user must first create an LP token by adding liquidity to the DEX for the trading pair that corresponds to that type of Bond. For example, ABOND-BNB LP tokens are used to purchase ABOND-BNB Liquidity Bonds, which yield ABOND tokens.
From there, users can visit the Bonds page on ApeBond, and select the Liquidity Bond they would like to purchase. Or, the user can instead use the Zap feature to buy a Bond with a single token.
For more on how to purchase a Bond, visit our How To Buy A Bond page.