How To Use ApeBond On Mobile Devices

The ApeBond website is viewable on mobile devices, but to use ApeBond's products and features from mobile devices, you will need to connect to the platform from a mobile-enabled crypto wallet.

NOTE: You cannot connect directly to ApeBond to buy bonds, swap tokens, or perform any other actions on the platform if you're using a mobile browser (like Safari or Chrome), and not the browser from within a mobile crypto wallet app.

Make sure you're using your preferred crypto wallet's mobile app to connect to ApeBond!

Follow the instructions below to connect to ApeBond from a mobile device:

1) Open your crypto wallet mobile app on your mobile device (in this example, we'll use the MetaMask app for iOS).

2) Select the Browser option.

3) Navigate the wallet app browser to

4) Click Connect.

5) Select your preferred wallet.

After connecting your wallet through your mobile crypto wallet app's browser, you can utilize ApeBond's features just as you would in a desktop browser.

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