What is Zap?

Zap provides a rapid solution for users with single tokens on BNB Chain or Polygon to engage with ApeBond's DeFi offerings. This feature simplifies the process by reducing the number of steps required.

There are two main methods to utilize the Zap on ApeBond.

Single Token To LP

It allows users to go from a single token to a liquidity provider (LP) token in a single transaction. Before Zap, users had to manually acquire both tokens of an LP pair, then combine them to receive a LP token that represented that LP pair.

Users can use a toggle on the Get LP modal to enable Zap. The Zap option will allow users to select an asset in their wallet (e.g., BUSD) and receive the target LP pair (e.g., ABOND-BNB) in one transaction.

Single Token To Bonds

This feature enables users to directly purchase bonds using a single token, simplifying the process significantly. Previously, users had to first form a Liquidity Pair (LP), either manually or via a single-token-to-LP Zap, and then use these LPs to buy bonds. By simplifying this process, it minimizes the number of transactions required for users to begin acquiring vesting tokens at a discount through Bonds.

Zap is available on BNB Chain and Polygon.

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