⭐How To Participate In The Second Sale (FCFS)

Follow the steps below to participate in the second sale of the launchpad through the Launchpad page:

The second sale is open to all tiers, including Bronze. You can attain tiers by locking ABOND. For more details, please check here

1) Connect your wallet to ApeBond (for instructions, visit the How to Connect Your Wallet page).

2) Click Launchpad on the nav bar.

3) Click 'BUY NOW' to proceed to the sale page.

4) Enter the amount of tokens you wish to use for purchasing the Launchpad token. If this is your first time participating in the Launchpad, you must first authorize the token contract in your wallet. To do this, click the 'Enable' button, then proceed with the buying process.

5) Check the details to ensure the values are accurate, and click “BUY”.

6) Congratulations! You've successfully participated in the second sale of the ApeBond Launchpad.

7) To view your Launchpad token allocations, scroll down the page.

During the sale, your allocations may vary depending on the number of tokens committed, in accordance with the weighted oversubscription model.

Once the token claim process has started, you will be able to claim vested Launchpad tokens.

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