⚑Flash Bonds

What is Flash Bonds?

⚑Flash Bonds are a gateway to purchasing the most mainstream tokens in crypto β€” Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB β€” at a discount not seen elsewhere.

Participation is exclusive and requires a minimum Tier status within the ApeBond Launchpad ecosystem. For example, to participate in the first sale of $200k in $BTC, interested parties must attain either the Diamond or Legend Tier. These tiers are accessible through the acquisition of Launchpad Points, which are earned by locking ABOND into veABOND.

How Does It Work?

⚑Flash Bonds will happen twice a week, with a variable discount of up to 3% depending on your Tier. The discounts are applied to the price of the sale token (e.g., $BTC) at the start of the sale, and these fixed prices are maintained throughout (meaning the sale prices won’t change regardless of tokens’ price variations during the sale).

The process is straightforward:

  1. Purchase and lock ABOND tokens to earn Launchpad Points.

  2. Lock longer to gain an additional Points Multiplier.

  3. Acquire enough points to reach Diamond or Legend Tier.

  4. Participate in ⚑Flash Bonds sales, held twice a week.

The sale employs an oversubscription model, and vesting is instant, allowing investors immediate access to their purchased BTC or other tokens as soon as the sale concludes. Additionally, the specifics of sale tokens, allocations, eligible tiers, and discounts may vary with each sale.

You can refer to the link below to understand how to lock your ABOND into veABOND and earn Launchpad Points.

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