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What do I need to participate in the ApeBond Launchpad?

To join the ApeBond Launchpad, you need to secure a tier by accumulating Launchpad Points, which are earned by locking ABOND tokens into veABOND. Longer lock-in periods grant more points due to multipliers. Participation requires at least a Bronze Tier, and each tier offers different Launchpad Allocation Multipliers. Please check this page to understand how the system works.

Can I get an eligible Tier during the sale (after it has started) and still participate in it?

Yes, you can! Simply visit the veABOND page, lock your ABOND, and obtain a veABOND position to secure your desired tier.

What are the purchasing rights allocated to each tier?

The purchasing capacity for each tier is based on the allocation size designated for the sale. Each tier receives a Launchpad Allocation Multiplier, detailed as follows.

  • Bronze: 1x Multiplier

  • Silver: Minimum 4x Multiplier

  • Gold: Minimum 10x Multiplier

  • Diamond: Minimum 40x Multiplier

  • Legend: Mimimum 100x Multiplier

Additionally, we employ an oversubscription model, which means if more people participate in buying, the amount available for purchase per person will decrease.

Which models does the ApeBond Launchpad use?

1st sale: Model: Weighted Oversubscription Eligible Tiers: Silver, Gold, Diamond and Legend.

2nd sale: Model: First Come, First Serve (FCFS) Eligible Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Legend.

Please see the details here

What is oversubscription model? How it works?

Imagine we're launching a token called $IDO via ApeBond Launchpad.

Details of the $IDO token launch:

  • Token Symbol: $IDO

  • Price per Token: $0.1

  • Fundraising Goal: Sell 100,000 $IDO tokens to raise $10,000

  • Actual Funds Raised: $50,000, showing the sale is 5 times over-subscribed

  • Participants: User A with a $100 investment, User B with a $500 investment

Weighted Oversubscription Approach:

With $50,000 raised, surpassing the target by 5 times, $IDO tokens are allocated based on each participant's share of the total investment.

Allocation Details:

  • Allocation Formula: The share of tokens each user receives is determined by (User's Contribution / Total Funds Raised) × Total Tokens.

    • For User A:

      • Share of Total: $100 / $50,000 = 0.002 or 0.2%

      • Tokens Allocated: 0.002 × 100,000 = 200 $IDO tokens

    • For User B:

      • Share of Total: $500 / $50,000 = 0.01 or 1%

      • Tokens Allocated: 0.01 × 100,000 = 1,000 $IDO tokens

Financial Outcomes:

  • Token Value:

    • User A's Tokens: Worth $20 (200 tokens at $0.1 each)

    • User B's Tokens: Worth $100 (1,000 tokens at $0.1 each)

Refund Calculations:

Given the over-subscription, we calculate refunds by subtracting the dollar value of allocated tokens from the total contribution.

  • User A: $100 contribution - $20 in tokens = $80 refund

  • User B: $500 contribution - $100 in tokens = $400 refund

Summary of the Scenario:

This scenario illustrates how Weighted Oversubscription model ensures a fair distribution of tokens in an over-subscribed sale. User A ends up with 200 $IDO tokens and an $80 refund, while User B gets 1,000 tokens and a $400 refund. This method effectively manages over-subscription by ensuring participants receive tokens proportional to their investment and are refunded any excess contribution.

When will the excess tokens in Oversubscription sales become claimable?

You can redeem your excess tokens when the Launchpad token distribution period kicks off.

When is the next project launching?

Please keep an eye on the Launch Calendar on the Launchpad page, as well as on our social media 😉

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