⭐How To Lock ABOND Into veABOND

You can acquire ABOND by following this guide

How To Get ABOND

Follow the steps below to lock ABOND to get veABOND through the veABOND page:

1) Connect your wallet to ApeBond (for instructions, visit the How to Connect Your Wallet page).

2) Click veABOND on the nav bar.

3) Input the amount of ABOND you wish to lock for veABOND. If it's your first time locking ABOND, you must first authorize the token contract in your wallet. Do this by clicking the "Enable" button, then proceed with the lock process.

4) Check the details to ensure the values are accurate, and click β€œLOCK ABOND”.

5) To view your veABOND positions, scroll down the page.

You can select MANAGE to increase your position, extend the duration, split, merge, or transfer it.

Done! Now you can enjoy the veABOND utilities!!

Once the lock period has concluded, you will be able to withdraw your original amount of ABOND you used to create the position.

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