📣KOL Program

What is the ApeBond Launchpad KOL program?

The ApeBond Launchpad KOLs group aims to spearhead advertising efforts on social media, enhancing our footprint within the DeFi launchpad ecosystem. This initiative serves as your gateway to an exclusive community of influential voices in crypto! Tailored for individuals adept at amplifying project visibility and engaging communities, it offers a pivotal opportunity to champion groundbreaking launchpad projects. Join our network to shape the future of sustainable DeFi and propel innovative projects to success!


Selected KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) will receive rewards within the ApeBond Ecosystem:

  • 1,000 Tier points, equivalent to Bronze tier (500 $ABOND with a 2-year lock), for each launch.

  • Attain Silver Tier status by participating in 10 launches (rewards accumulate).

  • Top performing KOLs are eligible for a special bonus equivalent to Silver Tier (5,000 $ABOND).

How it works

The process is straightforward:

  1. Submit your application using the form.

  2. Your application will be reviewed by the ApeBond core team.

  3. If selected, you will be invited to join the special KOLs group.

  4. Receive tasks within the group.

  5. Performance will be evaluated.

  6. Rewards will be distributed prior to the token sale.

We continuously assess the contributions of each KOL. If their performance fall below our standards, we will make the necessary adjustments to our KOL team.

Minimum Requirements to Apply

  • Maintain over 2,000 followers on X.

  • Administer a Telegram group with over 200 community members.

  • Administer a Discord server with over 200 community members.

  • Other social media presence will also be considered!

🙂 Interested in becoming a part of the ApeBond Launchpad KOLs?

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