veABOND stands for vote-escrowed ABOND. veABOND cannot be transferred. The only way to obtain veABOND is by locking ABOND. Locking for a longer period grants additional veABOND.
  • Emissions Control: veABOND holders with a minimum amount of veABOND can participate on on-chain governance to direct the Ecosystem Fund emissions toward their chosen Ecosystem Bonds. More veABOND equals more voting power. Users can 'bribe' other users to get their votes.
  • Governance: Participate in traditional off-chain governance to determine the DAO's future. More veABOND equals more voting power.
  • Discount Boost: With veABOND you can access greater discounts on Bonds, enabling you to get tokens at an even lower cost based on your veABOND holdings. More veABOND equals a higher additional discount.
  • Special Bonds: Exclusive access to Ecosystem Bonds and the upcoming Launch Bonds are available only to holders. Get higher launchpad allocations by holding more veABOND.
  • Real Yield: Ecosystem Bonds and the liquidity generated from them distribute all their revenue as Real Yield directly to veABOND holders.

What is Future veABOND?

You can acquire the "Future veABOND" token by participating in the veABOND pool. This token can be exchanged for veABOND with a 2-year lock-in period once we introduce veABOND.
Future veABOND token contract address: 0x1cE1b8e28E4D4c1C4dA01b69f5434A9Fb7BE023D

How to get veABOND

Further details will be provided and updated accordingly.