⭐How To Redeem veABOND With fveABOND

You can acquire fveABOND by depositing ABOND into the veABOND pool.

Follow the steps below to redeem veABOND with fveABOND via the veABOND page:

1) Connect your wallet to ApeBond (for instructions, visit the How to Connect Your Wallet page).

2) Click veABOND on the nav bar.

3) Click on the small triangle next to the token logo to open a dropdown list, and select "FVEABOND" from the options available.

4) Input the amount of fveABOND you wish to use to redeem your veABOND. The time lock period will be automatically set to 2 years. If it's your first time redeeming veABOND with fveABOND, you must first authorize the token contract in your wallet. Do this by clicking the "Enable" button, then proceed with the redemption process.

5) Check the details to ensure the values are accurate, and click β€œSWAP FVEABOND FOR VEABOND”.

6) To view your veABOND positions, scroll down the page.

veABOND redeemed with fveABOND is automatically in PERMALOCK for maximum voting power. This means the lock period is set permanently at 2 years. However, you can disable this option by clicking the "MANAGE" button.

Done! Now you can enjoy the veABOND utilities!!

After the lock period ends, you will have the option to withdraw the same amount of ABOND corresponding to the fveABOND that you initially used to redeem your position.

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