⭐How To Stake In Farms

Follow the steps below to stake your LP tokens:

Staking LPs

Once you’ve obtained LPs, follow these steps to use our Farms:

1) Connect your wallet to ApeBond (for instructions, visit the How To Connect Your Wallet page).

2) Click Earn in the nav bar

3) Select the staking option you’d like to use and click on it.

In this example, we’ll use the ABOND-BNB (V2 STYLE) Farm.

4) Click Deposit. If this is your first time using a particular staking option, you will have to enable the smart contract first. If you'd like to get more LPs to stake before depositing, you can get more using the Get LP button.

5) Enter the amount of LP tokens you would like to stake. You can also use the Max button to fill the stake amount input with the balance of the selected deposit LP tokens in the connected wallet.

6) Click Confirm to stake your selected amount of LP tokens.

7) Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Done! You are now staking ABOND-BNB LPs and earning ABOND tokens.

Earning Rewards

The Farm returns are expressed in APR and is listed next to each farm. This is the expected amount of reward tokens that will accrue while your liquidity provider tokens are staked, expressed as a percentage of the amount of staked input tokens and calculated at current rates. Each farm also shows the trading fee APR you receive as a result of holding the LP token itself. This APR is next to the swap icon.

APRs are displayed to help users understand their potential return on staking and are not guaranteed. The actual rate of return is subject to several different factors, and your rewards may vary over time.

Harvesting Rewards

At any point, you can harvest reward tokens out of a farm and back into your wallet. To withdraw rewards, select the Farm you want to withdraw from and press the "Harvest" button.

Withdrawing Liquidity Provider Tokens

Users also retain the right to remove Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens from a farm. To withdraw tokens, click on the Minus (-) button next to the Staked LP display.

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