There are two ways to stake tokens on the ApeBond platform:

Staking Pools

Staking tokens to earn other tokens is one of the many ways the ApeBond platform rewards users. When a user "stakes" a token, the token goes from being in the custody of that user in their wallet, to being in the custody of the protocol's smart contracts. The protocol, in return for this temporary commitment of capital, provides rewards in the form of additional tokens, either of the same type as the staked token, or of a different token.
ApeBond's staking options are designed to maximize stakeholder earnings with minimal fees to the protocol.
To learn how to stake your LP tokens to earn rewards, visit our Staking Pools page.


ApeBond Farms are designed to primarily incentivize users to provide liquidity for their favorite DeFi projects. Users who create and stake their liquidity provider tokens in a Yield Farm will earn ABOND tokens or partner tokens (from another project).
To learn how to stake your LP tokens to earn rewards, visit our Farms page.
If you’re interested in creating a Staking Pool and/or Farm for your own crypto project, visit our Partnerships page to learn more about how to work with our Business Development team to achieve your goals.