Launch Bonds

How Launch Bonds Work

Launch Bonds is dedicated to bringing top-quality DeFi projects to our users while integrating ABOND to enhance its value. It serves as a revenue generator and showcases bonding technology, aiming to broaden the use-cases for bonds and ERC-5725. Additionally, the launchpad is designed to engage the community through tiered systems and mechanics, fostering long-term commitment and growth by welcoming new users from launch projects.

veABOND Points & Investment Tiers

We’re introducing a familiar launchpad mechanic to Launch Bonds, tying the ability to participate in project launches to the holding of veABOND and introducing a points based system on top. This model encourages long-term investment and greater accumulation of veABOND, fortifying our token’s ecosystem and encouraging long-term lockups.
Stake ABOND for veABOND in order to get a points multiplier and access Launchpad sales:
  • 45+ days = 1x points multiplier
  • 90+ days = 1.25x points multiplier
  • 180+ days = 1.5x points multiplier
  • 1+ years = 2x points multiplier
If you stake 10,000 ABOND for 180+ days, you will get; 10,000 x 1.5 = 15,000 points

Tier System

Each tier offers escalating privileges and investment opportunities, incentivizing users to lock in more veABOND for more points and enhanced access and benefits.
  • Bronze Tier (1,000+ points): 1x Allocation Multiplier
  • Silver Tier (10,000+ points): Minimum 4x Allocation Multiplier
  • Gold Tier (25,000+ points): Minimum 10x Allocation Multiplier
  • Diamond Tier (100,000+ points): Minimum 40x Allocation Multiplier

Sale Structure

Each launch will feature 2 sale periods:
1. Guaranteed Sale
2. First Come First Serve Sale
🔐 Eligibility
Silver tier and above
Open to ALL tiers
⏳ Duration
1-hour limit
1-hour limit
📊 Model
Weighted Oversubscription
Set Allocation with Registration
First come first serve