General Details

Ticker: $BANANA

Contract Address: 0x603c7f932ed1fc6575303d8fb018fdcbb0f39a95

Chain: BNB Chain (BEP-20)

BANANA is the primary native utility token of the ApeSwap ecosystem. BANANA serves several functions for the protocol, including staking in BANANA pools to earn rewards, rewarding users for adding liquidity to the ApeSwap platform, and incentivizing markets on the ApeSwap Lending Network.

In order to control return-on-emissions for the protocol, ApeSwap burns BANANA tokens every Thursday, removing them from circulation and reducing inflationary pressure. For more information on how ApeSwap manages the supply of BANANA, visit the Burn Mechanics page.

How Do I Get BANANA?

Users can purchase BANANA using BNB Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, or Arbitrum tokens on the Swap tab of the Exchange page.

Users can also earn BANANA by adding liquidity to the ApeSwap DEX on the Liquidity tab of the Exchange page, then staking their liquidity provider (LP) tokens in one of our Yield Farms. Or, they can lend/borrow crypto assets on our Lending Network to earn BANANA rewards.

Visit the How To Buy BANANA page to learn more.

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What Can I Do With BANANA?

As our primary utility token, BANANA can be used in several ways:

1) Stake BANANA tokens in our Staking Pools to earn more BANANA, or tokens from partner projects

2) Acquire GNANA on the Golden Banana page

3) Add liquidity on the Liquidity tab of the Exchange page by pairing BANANA with other tokens to create liquidity provider tokens (APE-LP tokens) that earn trading fees and can be staked in Yield Farms or BANANA Maximizers to create passive income

4) Purchase ApeSwap Bonds using APE-LP tokens and earn BANANA over a certain vesting period

5) Lend BANANA on our Lending Network to earn interest

6) Borrow against your BANANA on our Lending Network to unlock liquidity without having to sell BANANA

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