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ABOND Migration

ApeSwap is rebranding to ApeBond. The full details can be found in this article.
If approved through Governance, starting October 12th, 13:00 UTC, users will be able to lock their $BANANA and $GNANA to migrate to $ABOND through the new Migration Bonds page.
Migration Bonds will commence linear vesting on December 12th, 2023, 13:00 UTC, granting all $BANANA and $GNANA holders a 60-day migration window. Those who don’t complete the migration within that timeframe will forfeit their ABOND allocation.
Migration Bonds Considerations:
  • Multiplier Boost: Migration Bonds will offer a Boost of up to 55% additional $ABOND for users who select a longer vesting term, helping to offset dilution.
  • Lock Bonus: Users will receive an added Lock Bonus for each vesting period. This bonus is determined by the percentage of tokens you lock in comparison to the overall total for the selected period.
  • $GNANA: As an important note, every $GNANA migrated will be valued at 1.43 BANANA to account for burn mechanics.
There will be 4 different Migration Bonds available with the following vesting terms, Multiplier Boost, & Lock Bonus:
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