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How To Swap Tokens

Follow the steps below to complete a trade on the ApeSwap DEX:
1) Connect your wallet to ApeSwap (for instructions, visit the How to Connect Your Wallet page).
2) Click Exchange in the nav bar and open the Swap tab on the Exchange page.​
3) Select the tokens you wish to trade by clicking on the token icons and selecting from the dropdown list. If you are attempting to trade a token for the first time, you will need to approve the token contract within your wallet using the Enable button before trading.
4) Enter the amount of the token you’d like to trade for, or receive. The exchange will pre-fill the other amount.
5) Check the details to ensure the values are accurate, and click “Swap”.
6) Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Once a trade is completed, you can click “View on bscscan” or "View on explorer" to see your transaction details.​ If successful, the swap should be reflected in your wallet's token balances shortly after.
Last modified 6mo ago