There are three ways to stake tokens on the ApeSwap platform:

Staking Pools

ApeSwap's Staking Pools allow users to stake their BANANA or GNANA tokens to earn BANANA tokens, or tokens from partner projects. This assists partners in bootstrapping adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens to BANANA and GNANA token holders.

To learn how to use our Staking Pools to earn BANANA and/or tokens from ApeSwap partners, visit the Staking Pools page.

pageStaking Pools

Yield Farms

ApeSwap also offer users who provide liquidity to the platform the ability to stake our native liquidity provider tokens, APE-LPs, into our Yield Farms to receive BANANA rewards (aka "yield farming").

To learn how to add liquidity, visit our Liquidity page.


To learn how to stake your APE-LPs to earn rewards, visit our Yield Farms page.

pageYield Farms

If youโ€™re interested in creating a Staking Pool and/or Yield Farm for your own crypto project, visit our Partnerships page to learn more about how to work with our Business Development team to achieve your goals.


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