BNB Chain Farms

There are two types of Yield Farm available on BNB Chain: BANANA Farms, and Jungle Farms.

How BANANA Farms Work

The majority of ApeSwap Yield Farms on BNB Chain are BANANA Farms. These Yield Farms allow users to stake the liquidity provider tokens to earn BANANA rewards. BANANA Farms allow users the ability to generate passive income over an extended period of time. Yield farming is a way to put your APE-LP tokens to work, actively earning BANANA rewards on top of the trading fees that you collect as an APE-LP holder.

Instead of staking a single protocol token like BANANA or GNANA to earn rewards, users stake a liquidity provider token (APE-LP tokens on ApeSwap) to earn BANANA. Creating a liquidity provider token requires users to stake equal amounts of two tokens together (For example: BANANA and BNB) in one transaction, and then deposited into the Yield Farm smart contract to earn rewards.

On the Yield Farms page, instead of seeing farms expressed as "Stake [Token], Earn [Token]", you'll see "Stake [token pair], Earn [Token]". All BANANA farms earn BANANA as the reward token, whereas Jungle Farms earn partner tokens.

For example: the BANANA-BUSD farm allows users to stake APE-LP tokens they've earned from adding liquidity to the BANANA-BUSD liquidity pool to earn BANANA reward tokens.

Continue to the How To Yield Farm page to learn how to stake LP tokens to earn BANANA.

⚡How To Yield Farm

How Jungle Farms Work

Jungle Farms use partner tokens to reward users who stake an LP that includes the project token with more of the project token, instead of rewarding those LP holders with BANANA.

For example, a partner who wants to add more liquidity between their token and a stablecoin might create a Jungle Farm that rewards users who stake LP tokens created from liquidity for the project token and the stablecoin with more of the project token.

Jungle Farms, unlike BANANA Farms and like most Staking Pools, have a predetermined end date. The amount of time that the Jungle Farm will remain available is shown next to the rest of the farm data.

Are you interested in creating a Jungle Farm for your crypto project? Visit the Partnerships page to get in touch with our Business Development team.


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