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Feb 13th - ApeSwap Launch Date
Feb 15th - ApeSwap DEX Reaches $10M TVL
March 11th - First IAO Announcement
April 8th - NFA Launch
April 22nd - $GNANA Launch Date
April 24th - CZ follows ApeSwap on Twitter
April 27th - ApeSwap DEX Reaches $100M TVL
June 21st - ApeSwap goes Cross-Chain on Polygon
July 9th - ApeSwap Verified on Twitter
July 17th - First Governance Vote
July 30th - MVBII Winner
Aug 27th - 1M MAU + $250M MCAP
Sept 2nd - CZ Mentions Apeswap at 1 Year of BSC Celebration
Sept 6th - ApeSwap DEX Reaches $750M TVL
Oct 2nd - Colossal Ape NFA auctioned for 326.969 BNB
Nov 23rd - ApeSwap Lending Network Beta Launches


Jan 3rd - Largest Quarterly Buyback and Burn
Jan 24th - First Public Team Meeting
Feb 8th - ApeSwap Reaches 250k Twitter Followers
Mar 22nd - ApeSwap Verified on Telegram
Apr 12th - ApeSwap Bonds Launch
May 1st - 200+ Partnerships
May 4th - UI Metamorphosis
May 7th - Limit Order launch
May 16th - Ethereum Cross-Chain Launch
May 25th - ApeSwap DEX Reaches $17B Total Trade Volume
June 21st - Banana Maximizer Launch
July 19th - DEX Upgrade
July 21st - Fiat On-Ramp Launch
July 27th - ApeSwap Pro Launch
Aug 17th - Return of ApeStats
Aug 30th - Protocol Dashboard Launch
Aug 31st - 420M BANANA Hard Cap Established via Governance
Sep 14th - Zap Feature Launch
Sep 21st - ApeSwap Bonds Launch on Polygon
Oct 20th - Cross-Chain on Telos
Dec 8th - ApeSwap Reaches 300K Twitter Followers


Jan 19th - Tutorial Modals Launch
Jan 26th - ApeSwap V2 Migration
Mar 4th - AvengerDAO
Mar 14th - Arbitrum DEX Launch
Mar 28th - ApeSwap Bonds Launch on Arbitrum
Mar 28th - ApeSwap DEX Reaches $18B Total Trade Volume
Apr 4th - ApeSwap V3 Launch
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