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How To Use ApeSwap Pro

Trading perpetual contracts is easy with ApeSwap Pro. Simply follow the steps below to get started.
1) Visit pro.apeswap.finance and connect your wallet. If this is your first time connecting, you’ll be prompted with a signature request in your preferred wallet.
At launch, ApeSwap Pro works with MetaMask, Binance Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, and the ApolloX App wallet. If you’re connected to another chain, you’ll be prompted to switch your wallet network to BNB Chain.
2) Once your wallet is connected, you can deposit margin assets. Click the + sign next to your available asset balance, or Deposit at the bottom right of the screen, to launch the Deposit modal. You can then deposit BNB, BUSD, USDT, USDC, APX, CAKE, or BANANA to fund your margin account.
If you deposit an asset other than USDT, make sure you’ve enabled Multi-Assets Mode. Contracts are priced in USDT .
3) Select a contract from the dropdown on the left side of the trading screen. Over 60 perpetual contracts will be available at launch, including BNBUSDT, ETHUSDT, MATICUDST, BTCUSDT, and many more.
4) Set your margin mode by selecting Cross or Isolated, then select your leverage level.
NOTE: trading with leverage increases your risk of liquidation. Always manage your risk levels carefully, ensure that you fully understand your position, and familiarize yourself with the ApolloX liquidation protocol by reading this help article before entering into a perpetual contract using ApeSwap Pro.
5) Select your position type. ApeSwap Pro supports One-way Mode (where contracts can only hold positions in one price direction) and Hedge Mode (where one contract can hold positions in both long and short directions at the same time).
6) Select your order type. ApeSwap Pro offers Limit, Market, and Stop Limit orders.
7) You can close an individual position from the Positions view, or close all of them at once by selecting Close All Positions.
As always, please DYOR and familiarize yourself with the risks of trading with leverage before using ApeSwap Pro. If you have further questions or need product support, please review the ApolloX Futures Trading Guide here, or get in touch with ApolloX’s support team here.
Last modified 6mo ago