Benefits to Partners

Partner projects can take advantage of ApeSwap's deep expertise to implement a sustainable liquidity mining strategy to grow their user base and enhance their likelihood of long-term success.

Dexenomic Advisory Services

When a crypto project partners with ApeSwap, the business development team will meet with the project to evaluate their current needs, including their existing circulation/inflation figures, tokenomics, and liquidity profile. ApeSwap then uses a proprietary methodology called "dexenomics" to determine a custom plan for that project to develop sustainable liquidity mining that leverages ApeSwap's various unique products, from Yield Farms, to Staking Pools, to Bond products including Liquidity Bonds, Launch Bonds, and Reserve Bonds.

The dexenomics approach is born out of ApeSwap's deep experience with the types of financial modeling and hands-on data collection that comes from running a successful DEX. ApeSwap understands that every project's situation is different, and therefore all advisory services are unique on a per-project level.

Creating "Rent-To-Own" Liquidity

ApeSwap is the only place in crypto where projects can create a plan that includes both rented liquidity (through Yield Farms) and owned liquidity (through Bonds).

This "rent-to-own" model allows for partner projects to take advantage of the initial bootstrapping benefits of rented liquidity, while planning ahead for a transition to the more sustainable, protocol-owned liquidity (POL) that Bonds have to offer.

Once a partner and ApeSwap align on a sustainable liquidity mining plan, the project provides their tokens to ApeSwap, which are then leveraged across our products in order to create liquidity for the project that will meet their ongoing needs. The team is always testing and iterating on the custom plans created for each partner, recommending improvements along the way.

Monetize Incentive Rewards

Projects that rent liquidity through traditional Yield Farms and liquidity incentives do not receive any further return on the tokens spent to offer those incentives. Projects do benefit from the initial liquidity that farming provides, but once the rewards budget runs out, liquidity dries up and the project does not recoup any of the monetary value of the token spend.

When a project sets up a Liquidity Bond, ApeSwap estimates that it can recoup up to 95% of the value of their spending on token rewards in the form of project-owned LPs. Compared to the 0% return offered by traditional yield farming, this is a far more efficient use of liquidity mining funds.

Is your crypto project looking to raise funds after a token offering or generation event? Visit the Partnerships page to learn more.


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