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In order to make it more simple for our users to get started with our DeFi products, ApeSwap has teamed up with industry leader MoonPay to offer an easy-to-use fiat on-ramp. As of July 21st, 2022, users are able to purchase crypto using fiat via credit or debit card on ApeSwapโ€™s site through our new MoonPay integration.

About MoonPay

MoonPay launched in 2019 with the goal of making cryptocurrency and DeFi more accessible for the masses. Through the MoonPay platform, users can purchase a variety of popular tokens using a credit card or debit card, including:

  • $BNB, BNB Chainโ€™s native token

  • $BUSD, Binanceโ€™s native stablecoin

  • $MATIC, Polygonโ€™s native token

  • $ETH, Ethereumโ€™s native token

  • Many other popular crypto tokens!

Through our partnership with MoonPay, users are able to purchase their choice of crypto without leaving ApeSwap. Over 20 currencies are available through MoonPay on ApeSwap. Tokens on the ApeSwap DEX that are not supported by MoonPay (including BANANA) can be purchased using a MoonPay-supported token, such as BNB or BUSD.

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