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How To Buy A Reserve Bond

Follow the steps below to purchase a Reserve Bond: 1) Connect your wallet to ApeSwap (for instructions, visit the How to Connect Your Wallet page).
2) Hover over Raise in the nav bar, and then click Bonds to visit the Bonds page.
3) Locate the KKC Reserve Bond. Reserve Bonds have a green “RESERVE” tag above the input token pair. Click Buy. If this is your first time purchasing a Knoknok Reserve Bond, you will have to enable the Bond’s contract first.
4) Enter the amount of input tokens you’d like to use to purchase the Bond. The amount of KKC tokens that the Reserve Bond is worth will automatically update based on the amount of tokens you enter.
5) Click Buy.

Claiming Vested Tokens

Once you own a Bond, you'll see Claim and View buttons on the Bonds page. You can claim any vested tokens from an individual Bond using the Claim button, or you can use the Claim All button at the top right to claim all vested tokens across multiple Bonds.
Last modified 6mo ago