๐Ÿค”Migration FAQ

Q: Why is ApeSwap rebranding? A: The new ApeBond branding represents a more professional image while still maintaining our essence. This way, it has the ability to resonate with new and old users alike going forward.

Q: If I lock my tokens early, does that mean I start receiving ABOND earlier? A: No. All Migration Bonds will start vesting at the same time, December 12th, 13:00 UTC, regardless of at what point of the migration window you lock your tokens.

Q: What happens to BANANA tokens not migrated? A: You can keep your BANANA, but keep in mind we will no longer support its development, meaning it will have no utility after the migration. All new utilities will be on ABOND only, so we recommend you to migrate to our new token.

Q: Should I convert GNANA back to BANANA in order to migrate it? A: No. You can migrate your GNANA to ABOND directly, which is valued at 1.43 BANANA to compensate for burn mechanics. In other words, you'll recover the BANANA you originally burned!

Q: What will happen to xGnana? Is it no longer in the plans? A: Weโ€™ve taken the valuable insights from our xGnana discussions and channeled them into enriching our ApeBond products. Weโ€™re excited to share more about this with you soon.

Q: What will happen to the BANANA in the Lending Network? A: The BANANA lending market borrowing has been disabled for some time now. Users are encouraged to remove their supplied BANANA. ApeSwap will make sure that all users can successfully withdraw them.

Q: What happens with BANANA on other chains? A: The Migration is happening exclusively on BNB Chain. Due to the Multichain issues, BANANA on other chains cannot be migrated. For this reason, ApeSwap has encouraged its users to bridge ahead of time.

Q: What is expected to happen to the liquidity on BANANA-BNB and BANANA-BUSD? A: Users are encouraged to transfer their liquidity. POL will be transferred to ABOND pairs to ensure a seamless migration.

Q: With this change, are there plans for a CEX listing? A: We are actively exploring opportunities for listings on CEXs. When the right opportunity presents itself, we will enthusiastically pursue these listings to further our reach.

Q: Will there be a roadmap? A: A priorities list will be provided with specific developments and milestones to achieve as we get closer to the end of the migration.

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