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As of August 2nd, 2022, the ApeSwap DAO uses Commonwealth to discuss, review, and vote on governance proposals.

How Commonwealth Works

ApeSwap governance was previously spread across multiple tools, including the ApeSwap subreddit and Snapshot. To unify the process, the ApeSwap DAO aligned on two strategic objectives of updating the governance process:
  1. 1.
    Make it easier for ApeSwap users to get involved in governance
  2. 2.
    Increase governance voting turnout among ApeSwap users
As a result, ApeSwap created its own Commonwealth forum to combine the conversation around governance with the process of voting on governance, allowing for a more simplified governance experience.

How to Use Commonwealth

Signing up to participate in ApeSwap governance on Commonwealth is easy — you can create an account using an email address, GitHub account, or crypto wallet (like MetaMask).
Once you’ve connected your account, you can view the threads in ApeSwap’s Commonwealth forum, which is divided into five Topics:
General: Any discussion that doesn’t belong to the other sections.
Governance: Where ApeSwap DAO Council and highly engaged members kickstart the conversations that will shape future governance proposals.
Proposal Review: Where finalized proposals are posted for final approval before going into Snapshot voting.
New Governance Process
Governance follows these steps:
1) Discussion (optional)
2) Proposal Review
3) Voting (via Snapshot Integration)
4) Passed/Failed
Please review the Governance Guidelines to learn more about how to participate in governance.
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